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Divine Guidance, is a spiritual based practice. Providing you guidance, on your life's journey, through a variety of customized services, to become your best self. Let us help you heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sessions are held in the privacy of your home or desired location.

  • Intuitive Tarot Reading is a great way to obtain guidance and insight

    30 min

    $30 - $70

  • It's time to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

    45 min

    $80 - $90

  • Divine Guidance is here to coach you through your healing process.

    1 hr

    $100 - $540

  • 1 hr

    Prices Vary

  • Why not offer the gift of guidance and healing to the people you love....

    1 hr

    Prices Vary

  • Let us help you through your grieving and healing process.

    1 hr

    $77 - $100

It's not easy loosing someone you love. Sometimes the void of not physically having the person around is unbearable.


Marcella, connects to the spirit realm. Allowing spirit to communicate, so she may channel messages, to their loved ones on earth. This gives family and friends closure, comfort, support, and encouragement to heal.

30 min. or 1 hour Psychic Medium Readings are provided face to face, in the privacy of your home or virtually.

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